Guide Curly the dragon through the clouds to collect the fireflies. Curly needs space to turn, so please help!

Thanks for playing!


  • [Arrow Keys] to Move
  • [X] to Interact
  • [Enter] for Options


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Download 4 MB

Development log


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very cute! understanding how the movement worked took a bit, but once i got it, it was easy and felt like an accomplishment haha

Thanks, glad you got the hang of it!

I like the cheerful atmosphere your games have. The movement controls are a bit confusing sometimes, but I feel like you could make a neat sokoban/puzzle game with this kind of movement mechanic (where your ability to turn is limited).

Thanks Tsun! That's a pretty good idea. It's interesting how sokoban can be applied in so many cases in different games, I think sometimes I try to avoid it. Maybe if I make a Curly 2 perhaps haha.  I do wonder if I can make the controls a bit easier, I do have an option to make it more like RC car controls where left and right will make you rotate, but I think it lends itself too much to wanting to move in either a circle or straight for a long time. If it was a puzzle game though, I might be able to do something like in A Monster's Expedition where the inputs are buffered and you can just go really fast. Anyway I think it's still somewhat of an unsolved issue there that I may do more experiments with at some point.

I think the indication of where you're going to move would just have to be clearer and more stable somehow. For example if you put your nose onto an arrow and turn, the next tile appears in the wrong position for a moment:

I'd might also help if the tiles that are "committed" for moving looked different than the last tile(s) that predict where you'll go if you continue. It's hard to tell what key you need to press to go onto a particular direction especially when you're already turning, and what key to press to go backwards. In puzzle games you probably want to be able to move fast like the Monster's Expedition style so it's easier to explore puzzle solutions. I don't mean to sound like I want you to work on this game more though, just posting thoughts. ´v´

oh yeah, there was some finicky-ness to the tile UI that I ended up not addressing fully, but good to note. I think this game was a good test case of how controls and UI really really matter for (perhaps unsurprisingly) a weird control game. thanks again!

Nice idea, though I don't like mazes and would prefer multiple paths to the same object (open world-ish). And graphics are cute, as always!


Loved the game! So cute! Personal preference: I'd like it if I could make Curly fly a little faster


Thanks, I updated the game so Curly does one-tile turns, it might feel faster that way.

I meant a button to dash or something like that, but that's cool too :0