You are a penguin who fell down into a cave. But you have ice powers to fill the cave floor and help you get back up. A puzzle game about filling all the tiles you can walk on.

Thanks for playing!


  • [Arrow Keys] to Move!
  • [R] to Reset Level
  • Press against an ice block to use your ice breath. Only one can be on the screen at a time.


  • Art: Gimp
  • Library: HaxeFlixel
  • IDE: Flash Develop
  • Music/Sound: OpenMPT
  • Level Editor: Tiled


Download 1 MB
iceinterstice_by_aeveis_flash_compo.swf 1 MB
Download 3 MB
iceinterstice_by_aeveis_flash_1.01.swf 1 MB
Download 3 MB

Development log


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Not only is the pixel art very cute, but some of the later puzzles are also quite difficult. <3 But I was really happy when I finally made it and the little penguin slided over the screen! :D Every new attempt brought me a step closer to the correct solution. :) All in all, a fine puzzle game that I liked to recommend in one of our compilation articles about Ludum Dare 42. One minute of gameplay can also be seen in the accompanying video. <3

Best wishes,

Good puzzling! I hit R a lot. 


Great work, this is pretty fun and the puzzles are interesting.

Hi, I know it is a little off topic but can I ask how can I request a payout using paypal? I am new to hope to hear from you soon. thank you.